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May 17, 2008

What's In Your Movie Rental Queue?

What's in your movie rental queue?

It seems that you can visit any website without an ad for Netflix popping up. They are very clever in their strategy, showing pictures of some movie classics including Casablanca and Gone With The Wind.

Blockbuster seems to corner in market on junk mail and print advertising with their "try us again" postcards and ad flyers popping up in mail boxes and with the coupons in the Sunday newspapers.

Seeing these recently made me think of what was in my own personal queue for rental. You'd be surprised at what you had put there but sort of forgot about.

1. ONCE (2007)

A love story about two musicians who record together and end up falling in love along the way. The story is breathtaking and a refreshing take on the boy meets girl story. The songs are powerful as these two musicians turned actors composed and song their own Oscar winning material. It's a movie that I can watch over and over again. So much so that I keep it in my queue.

2. ENCHANTED (2007)

The live action version of this movie was hilarious. I didn't think Disney could pull this one off. Nothing can top Beauty and The Beast for me. Surely there would be no way to live up to modernize the story in New York of all places and keep it charming. I'm happy to say that I was wrong. It's funny, sweet, with great musical numbers in Central Park. There's even a poisoned apple martini and an evil queen. Amy Adams is a delight.


Before Jack Bauer, there was Sydney Bristow for me. I was a devoted Alias fan throughout the shows entire run. I was sad when Jennifer Garner made her first movie because I knew Holloywood would be calling sooner or later and I would loose Sydney. Instead of waiting for butchered in editing syndication runs of the show, I put the entire series in my queue. Old episodes of this show has kept me going during many a lazy weekend afternoons when nothing was one but golf and reality shows.


Let's face it. I love Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Drew Barrymore as much as anyone, but no one holds a candle[or a cigarette] to Bette Davis in that movie.

5. The MATRIX Series

I loved the first two movies. The second one was some of the best action and special effects that I've ever seen. But I'll admit it, by the end of the third one, I was like, huh? I didn't get it so I'm trying again in the privacy of my living room, without the popcorn and circumstance to get the meaning of it all. Where's that Oracle Lady or The Key Master when you need them.

6. BEE MOVIE (2007)

It has its moments. The funniest ever is Chris Rock. Just the thought of him animated as a frustrated mosquito in the city desperately trying to get out, makes it worth a Top 7 slot in the queue.


The Oscar winner for Best Picture deserves another look. While I'm not a fan out the violence, The Cohen Brothers do some of their best work since FARGO. I even forgive them for making Javier Bardem as unattractive as possible. His performance will go down in movie cinema history as one of the greatest movie villains.

What's in your rental queue?
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