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July 25, 2008

Comic-Con $$$: Revenge Of The Nerds Indeed!!!

I made my first trip to Comic-Conthis year. Comic-Con 2008 is an international convention held every year in San Diego which is a four day event featuring celebrating and exhibiting Comics, Sci-Fi and animation Genres in th world of film, television, print and new media.

Exhibtors sell collectibles, trading cards, action figures, rare vintage comics; the film and television industry show exclusive previews of the newest, upcoming shows and films for next year, complete with panel discussions with the actors, directors, and producers.

Comic-Con, it seems is not just for Nerds anymore. With the introduction of TV, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture, the event is greatly expanded. Pop-Culture TV shows such as Pushing Daises, The Office, The New Knight Rider and

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