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September 19, 2008

Bianca Back On All My Children With A Big Surprise

"All My Children" is getting a double dose of star power. Eden Riegel, who played the beloved Bianca Montgomery from 2000-2005 (with appearances in 2006 and 2007), is coming back to the show. She's bringing along actress Tamara Braun, best known for her work as Carly on "General Hospital" and recently as Ava on "Days of our Lives."

Bianca, daughter of Erica Kane, has fronted major storylines that has gained noteable praise and attention from soap fans and critics alike. She is best known as the first openly gay front burner character on daytime. Bianca Montgomery has been though a lot in her short time on soap opera earth. Her character basically survived everything: a rape, having her baby stolen, anorexia, coming out, having Erica Kane as a mother. When last seen in 2007 (she arrived to visit her nephew, Ian), Bianca was living with Paris with her young daughter, Miranda.

Bianca is returning to Pine Valley with a new girlfriend, Her name is Reese Williams, played by none other than Tamara Braun. Reese is a confident and successful architect who Bianca has been living with in Paris. When last seen, Bianca was considering a relationship with Zoe, the transgender rock star played by the amazing Jeff Carlson.

More importantly, how are her sister Kendall (Alicia Minshew), her mother Erica (Susan Lucci) and her brother-in-law Zach (Thorsten Kaye) going to handle Reese? The Kane clan is rebuilding which is good. AMC has centered too long around characters like Ryan, Babe and Greenlee who have no real family ties to the community yet have been in storylines that seemed to dominate all of the shows focus. The return of Bianca will help the show facilitate a more direct approach to focusing on family and community. All of Erica's family should be in Pine Valley. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Bianca first airs on October 17. Reese will follow on October 30.

All My Children airs on ABC and on SOAPnet weekdays.

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