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September 25, 2008

Soapvivor On Rachel Ray Today!!!

Rachel Ray; Chrishelle Strause (Amanda) All My Children; Kane Manera (Grandy) Guiding Light

Jeff Probst, host of "Survivor," will be on the "Rachael Ray" show tomorrow to test the merits of three daytime stars: Chrishell Stause (Amanda on "All My Children), Brandon Buddy (Cole on "One Life to Live"), and Kane Manera (Grady on "Guiding Light").

They'll be competing in a "Soapvivor" contest -- except there won't be an island, or bugs or starving, hygienically-challenged contestants.

"Soapvivor" is people competing in games like "getting a high paying job with no experience," "talking to themselves," "having sex in caves," and "driving halfway across town when you could just use a phone."

Tune into "Rachael Ray" today on CBS to see who wins!

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