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October 20, 2008

Soap Opera Writer James E. Reilly Remembered

The recent passing of head writer James E. Reilly has stunned the industry. His longtime friend and agent Jonathan Russo, who confirmed Reilly's death to Soap Opera Weekly, "We spoke an hour or two hours a day for almost 15-20 years. We did the math, 27 years. He was a towering figure in the industry. He deserved my time and attention. He wanted it and we were friends. We liked to catch up," Russo shares. "He never ran out of thoughts or ideas. He never repeated himself unless it was intentional so he didn’t lose viewers. He never had other people submit story ideas ever. He sat down and laid out and presented stories and layouts for 2 shows. This is an amazing accomplishment," Russo adds.

Ken Corday (Executive Producer, DAYS): "The DAYS OF OUR LIVES family is deeply saddened by the recent passing of James E. Reilly. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Jim was not only an ingenious storyteller who changed the landscape of daytime drama, but he celebrated life with passion, humor, and an appreciation for the best it has to offer. He was an inspiration for us all...and will be greatly missed."

Lisa de Cazotte (executive producer GH:NIGHT SHIFT, former EP PASSIONS): "Jim Reilly was not only a legend in our industry, but he was a great friend and mentor. His creativity, sense of humor and genius will be sorely missed. There will never be another like him and I am deeply grateful for the years we spent working together on PASSIONS and for the joy he brought to my life."

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