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June 18, 2009

Black Music Month Artist of the Day - Day 18: Al Green

Al Green's "Let's Stay together" was the first song I remember everyone in my neighborhood loving. My parents, my aunt who lived next door and even my mom's friends loved it. A typical Saturday afternoon in Indiana was the same, moms would be talking, kids would be playing kick the can, dads would be mowing lawns, teenage girls would be braiding each others hair for the summer, all just going about their day. Then this song would be playing on the radio of a car passing by and suddenly every radio within a 5 mile radius would catch on and start playing it. Soon Al Green would be playing in surround sound on Deodar Street.

Those were the days. There aren't too many songs or artists today that could have everyone stop, listen, sing or dance to all at once, no matter the age. Al Green's
"Let's Stay Together" is one of those songs. The fact that he could unite a neighborhood in a common theme for even 4 minutes at a time, makes him the Black Music Month Artist of The Day.


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