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July 20, 2009

Veronica Mars on The Big Screen?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cast of Veronica Mars Photo: Warner Brothers"]Cast of Veronica Mars Phots:Warner Brothers[/caption]

Veronica Mars on the big screen? It could happen if her portrayer, Kristen Bell, has anything to say about it. She would like fan support for a Veronica Mars feature. Bell announced through Twitter (the unofficial Hollywood celebrity news source) the proposal:

'VM movie fans – Rob (Thomas) and I took it to WB (Warner Brothers) – and they said, "There is no enthusiasm" to make it. So fans have to convince WB! Rob and I are in!”#1 you guys all rule. my guess would be the best rout is anywhere warner brothers asks 4 feedback- you guys write we want the VM movie.

Ive told em i want to so bad- i think they dont think it will make any money so they want to be sure people will see it. big business. ugh.

i think letters to warner brother will help. its the film side i think thats different than the WB tv side.'

Only time will tell if the show about a young detective will be developed. SOE certainly hopes so.

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