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August 28, 2011

'The Bold and The Beautiful': A look ahead -- week of August 29th (Spoilers)

This week, the Logan sisters band together to keep Steffy from trying to wreck Hope's happiness. Donna, Katie and Brooke worry that Steffy will try to seduce Liam as his fiancee' Hope gets called away on a business trip to Paris.

"They think that Liam will be vulnerable to Steffy while Hope is gone," Jennifer Gareis [Donna] tells Soap Opera Weekly. "She went after Bill and when that didn't happen she's now chasing after Liam. She's so desperate to get back at Logan's because she's so angry." Will Steffy succeed in her quest? Read the full story in the September 6th issue of Soap Opera Weekly.

Here's a look at the spoilers for the week of August 29th:

Steffy tries to change Liam's mind about marrying Hope

Hope confronts Steffy about making a play for Liam.

Hope learns she'll be going to Paris to promote her new collection

Steffy confesses to Taylor her frustration about Hope and Liam getting engaged
Liam is disappointed when Hope recommends a potential wedding date.

Brooke's sisters agree to keep their eye on Steffy

Liam confesses his concern about him and Hope waiting until they are married to make love.

Steffy seizes the opportunity with Liam with Hope being out of town

Nick questions Bill's ulterior motive for wanting to buy Jackie M.

Bill is stunned when Liam confesses that Steffy has been pursuing him.

Ridge and Brooke have a heart to heart about their daughters

Sex-starved Liam is frustrated when he learns of Hope's business trip to Paris

Steffy hopes to seduce Liam

Bill shows Jackie and Nick his plans for Jackie M to topple Forrester Creations

The Forrester family arrives in Paris for the debut of Hope’s line

Steffy seizes the opportunity to get under Liam’s skin.

"The Bold and The Beautiful" airs weekdays on CBS.

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