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April 23, 2012

The Voice -- Jamar, Mathai and Juliet talk possible instant elimination, thankful for fans

The next live competition round of "The Voice" is tonight, and the remaining contestants are just trying to be the best artists they can be. Are they thinking about going home and how to they feel knowing that anyone can go home in the next instant?

"The Voice" contestants Jamar Rogers, Juliet Simms and Mathai weighed in on the subject during an interview at the NBC Summer Press Day in Pasadena. Jamar and Juliet are part of Team Cee Lo and Mathai is on Team Adam.

Check out the interview below:

What was it like to find out about the instant elimination, now knowing that anyone could go home at any moment?

Juliet: Finding out like that [who would instantly go home] was like lighting a fire under all of us and that's the nature of the competition. People have to go home's really the same as later. You have have to do what you have to do what you do best basically.

How do you feel about having gotten close to your fellow competitors and then having to see one of you go home?

Jamar: "I don't really like that element of [someone] having to go home. I don't

think of say Juliet as my competition. What I mean by that is my own competition. If I go out there and have a good time and have the best gig of my life and it doesn't really matter though if I go home or not. I'm going out there with my head held high....How can I ask for anything else.

Juliet: Here's a perfect example. Mathia, Jamar and I are so different. It's like nobody better than the other person. We're all totally different. We never say, 'I'm competition against you.'

What's great about the show, and you three guys in particular is that you can really see your individual styles already. How do you work with the judges to develop that? What's the collaboration like?

Mathai: For Adam. He loves what I can do naturally. He always says that my voice is so unsteady that you never know. It changes all the time. Like I'll practice it but its different every time. It'll never be the same. He wanted to rain that in and work upon I already and not try to change me, which I liked.

Jamar: I came in with a pretty firm sense of self and I feel like my coach, Cee Lo, is the best coach. He doesn't try to change anything. He's like 'I see what you are trying to do and I want to just amplify it.'

Juliet: He [Cee Lo] takes your best quality and he wants to flourish it.

Anything you want to say to the fans that have kept you in the competition for this long?

Mathai: Oh my gosh. Thank you. Just to know that people are actively supporting us, texting and calling it, whatever...even the fans on Twitter. Thank you for your support. For me especially, I decided that I wanted to do all this stuff. When they support me that kind of make me believe in myself more.

Juliet: I get emotional about it. Last week after I performed, I had fans send me

videos that they put together that are like of all of them with signs and saying they believe in me.. It drove me to tears. Honest to God, it just means everything to me.

Jamar: I just want to say, and I'm very adamant about this, I do not like the word "fan" because then I feel like people idolize you. I just want people to know if they work to live out their own passions and dreams, then they wouldn't have to live vicariously through other people. I feel like there's nothing more remarkable about me than the next person. I have family, not fans, and we are all going on this journey together. So I think of the fans as family. I represent a second chance.

"The Voice" airs Mondays at 8pm with the Live Performance shows and Tuesdays with the Live Elimination show at 9pm on NBC.

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