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October 24, 2012

'Flipping The White House': new special airs on Discovery Channel

(Photo: Peter Souza Credit: The White House)
In the wake of an election year, Discovery Channel will air a special about what happened behind the scenes at The White House when a U.S. President is sworn into office. Called "Flipping The White House," the special focuses on a hand-picked and highly trained team who is tasked with transitioning the old administration out as the new administration moves in - all in less than six hours. 

The outgoing president exits the home on inauguration day, and the incoming president enters the home complete with pictures on the walls, books on the shelves, and socks in the drawers just a few hours later. Discovery Channel takes viewers behind the scenes of past "flips" in the special set to air on Sunday, October 28th at 10PM ET/PT.

This new one-hour special features interviews with former key White House staffers, including former President Regan Chief-of-Staff James Baker, former President George W. Bush Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief-of-Staff Karl Rove, former President Clinton Chief-of-Staff Mack McLarty, former President George W. Bush advisor Karen Hughes, former Vice President Dan Quayle, former President Obama social secretary Desiree Rogers and White House Chief Usher from 1986-2007, Gary J. Walters. The White House insiders share valuable insight about the flips which oftentimes happen under very tense circumstances, including President Carter's transition which was scheduled in the midst of the Iranian hostage negotiations. 

They also share little known moments, such as President Clinton's late arrival to his own scheduled exit - sending White House Chief Usher Gary J. Walters into a panic.
A typical move is not an option, particularly in The White House. Every trace of the previous presidency must be erased as the new family moves in. The team must move quickly to remove all remnants of the previous administration from the West Wing offices plus 3,100 square feet of living quarters. One item out of place during a flip could mean a significant delay on urgent presidential actions.
It's a race against time before the new President of the United States and family cross the threshold to begin a new page in history.
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