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November 13, 2012

WonderCon returns to Anaheim in 2013

WonderCon officials have announced at its popular San Francisco area event will be in Anaheim instead in 2013.  The Moscone Center, which held the event every year up until 2012 when it received major renovations is complete however but the event, known as ComicCon's "Mini-Me" clashes with another convention in San Francsico, creating a hotel room price hike and over "unavoidable conflicts."

“This, along with the expected difficulty of exhibitors and attendees in securing airfare for those outside of driving distance of San Francisco for that weekend, has resulted in us not being able to secure San Francisco as a location for WonderCon in 2013,” read a statement on WonderCon‘s website. “Hopefully we will be able to return WonderCon to San Francisco sometime soon.”

The event in Anaheim is scheduled to runs March 29-31, and announced guests include Dean Koontz, Marjorie Liu, Doug Mahnke, Ann Nocenti, Jason Palmer, Dan Slott, Jeff Smith, Steranko, Sergio Aragon├ęs and Mark Evanier.

The full 2013 schedule will be announced soon.  
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