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February 12, 2013

Alpha Males Experiment now on DVD/Bluay

The independent film ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT is available on DVD and iTunes just in time for Valentine's Day. Release Date: February 12, 2013.


The film is a romantic comedy, told from Ethan's (Ross McCall) point of view after being left by his long-time girlfriend (Jennifer Alden). Ethan asks his brother, Kyle (Paul J. Alessi), for help getting back   into the dating scene. Kyle believes that relationships today are no different from our "knuckle-dragging ancestors" and tries to teach Ethan how to act like a "real man" and to never put a woman on a pedestal. Will nice-guy Ethan take his brother's Alpha Male advice, or will he find a new loving relationship on his own?

Two awards at the Delray Beach Film Festival.
(1) “Rising Star Frownie Award” for “Best Close Up in a Motion Picture” – Serah D’Laine
(2) “Rising Star Stella Artois Award” for “Outstanding Feature by a New Filmmaker/Producer” – Paul J. Alessi
Three awards at the Reel HeArt Film Festival.
(1) “Best Editing” – Alex Ranarivelo
(2) “Best Festure Film” – Places 2nd Alex Ranarivelo
(3) “Best Actor” – Paul J. Alessi
Official Best of Fest
(1) Selected as an Award-Winning Film to Make You Laugh
Click to view ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT trailer.


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