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October 19, 2013

Music: Q& A with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun

   Scooter Braun Q&A: Justin Bieber's Manager Explains 'Music Mondays' & Previews 'Believe 3D'

 Billboard Magazine caught up with Scooter Braun to talk about his famous superstar client and the challenges he faces in the spotlight.

"He hasn't had the easiest run, and at times he knows that he hasn't made it easy on himself," says the pop superstar's longtime manager.

Billboard: Before the 'Music Mondays' series, you announced that Justin would be releasing new music from October through December, with a movie coming on Christmas. When was all of this planned?

Braun: We developed the film with [director] Jon Chu throughout the year. We shot it in Miami. We had a film ready that was basically about his concert and how it all came together that was pretty much in the "This Is It" vein, and then all this press and all these rumors came out about Justin over the last six months, and he went through a very tough time. We decided that there were so many rumors coming that there was no point in addressing them.

In addition to Bieber, Braun brought Korean pop sensation PSY to American with his hit "Gangham Style."

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