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May 08, 2014

Fox cancels 'Dads', 'Surviving Jack' and 'Enlisted'

Fox announced the cancellation of a few of its struggling comedies, "Enlisted," "Surviving Jack" and "Dads." "Enlisted" got off to a slow start and got lost in the shuffle of a January premiere after being originally scheduled for a November debut.

The show starred Geoff Stults as one of three brothers on a Florida Army base full of misfits. Similar to "The Goldbergs," "Survivng Jack"starred Christopher Meloni, in his first major role since "Law and Order SUV," as a tough dad in the 1990s.

"Dads" received a lot of negative attention early on from critics who noted the racial stereotypes of some of the show's characters. "Dads" starred Martin Mull, Giovanni Rabisi and Seth Green.

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