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June 14, 2014

'General Hospital': spoilers week of June 16th

This week on "General Hospital," Port Charles is still dealing with Ric's "death" as both Molly and Elizabeth face the reality of living without him, plus Nathan and Levi fight over Maxie.
Check out spoilers for the week, along with a sneak peek below:

Rafe is caught red-handed
Levi and Nathan have a fight
Anna tells Sonny to not target Duke in his feud with the Jeromes.

Sonny and Ava rouse suspicion
Michael reaches out to a troubled Morgan
Carly takes Franco into her home
Silas returns home to a surprise

Michael shares news about ELQ's next project
Lulu confides in Olivia
An unexpected witness arrives at Maxie's custody hearing

Alexis gets involved in Molly and Julian's relationship
Anna pushes Jordan to launch her plan against the Jeromes
Silas is suspicious of Sam

Maxie's custody hearing reaches a ruling
Nina confronts Silas about Sam

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC.
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