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June 17, 2015

WWE introduces YouTube gaming channel

WWE has introduced a new YouTube video gaming channel called "UpUpDownDown."  The channel is hosted by WWE Superstar and avid gamer, Xavier Woods or by his handle “Austin Creed.” 
Woods will have YouTube celebrities, WWE Superstars and video game editors to help him talk  about everything in the world of gaming. 
WWE's YouTube videos have had more than 5 billion video views in 2014 and 6.4 million subscribers, making it the No. 1 Sports channel on the platform.  
Programming for UpUpDownDown will include:
  • UpUpDownDown Plays (Mondays) – A “Let’s Play” style show featuring Woods and other personalities playing through today’s hottest titles.
  • For the Lolz (Wednesdays) – Woods and others explore the vast worlds of popular sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto V, where just about anything and everything can happen.
  • Jump Scares (Fridays) – Delving deep into the horror genre, players push their intestinal fortitude to the limit by creeping through the industry’s most bloodcurdling games.
  • Superstar Savepoint (Saturdays) – Guests are tasked with jumping into a random game totally “cold,” and must help lead Woods to gaming glory in this unpredictable co-op experiment.
  • Gamer Gauntlet (Sundays) – Woods and friends challenge each other for more than gaming bragging rights, with losers suffering pre-determined penalties.

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