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October 16, 2008

All My Children Celebrates Taping Of 10, 000 Episode

Photo: Wire Iamge

The landmark soap that features Erica Kane and her many husbands will celebrate the taping of their 10,000 episode on Thursday, October 16th. The rumors surrounding the premise of the episode include Erica Kane where she is the innocent victim of an incident (not relating to the much hyped tornadoes). All My Children began in 1970 when creator Agnes Nixon created Pine Valley. The groundbreaking soap was instrumental for some of the most popular characters in daytime, including Erica Kane, her daughters Kendall and Bianca, and Adam Chandler. The soap is iconic for unprecedented stories such as daytime's first abortion, first gay character, and super couples such as Tad & Dixie, Angie & Jesse and Zach & Kendall. All entertainment media to cover the event outside the ABC studios at 320 W. 66th Stre
et, New York City.

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