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November 09, 2008

Eden Reigel's Many Gigs

Actress Eden Riegel and Bob Guiney host the web-based series "Cooking to Get Lucky" which airs on mDialog. Cooking to Get Lucky offers a unique blend of professional cooking tips intertwined with lots of user generated content. Best known for her role as Bianca, Erica Kane's (Susan Lucci) daughter on ABC's All My Children, the Emmy award winning actress stars in this cooking series with Bob Guiney fondly remembered as the hot single guy looking for love on the fourth season of the hit reality television show The Bachelor.

"The show is going great," says Riegel, in and interview with Soap Opera Examiner. "The response has been terrific and we're certainly having a great time putting it all together." "It all got started because of the way my husband (Andrew Miller) won me over. Cooking Lucky is a show for guys—or girls—or really for anyone who is all thumbs in the kitchen and needs some help cooking meals that are so incredibly impressive they make it look like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen all day when in reality, they are so effortless to put together that even a moron can do it. I met my husband through a mutual friend. He invited me over for dinner and cooked this meal that knocked my socks off—and maybe knocked off a few other pieces of clothing off as well. Later, I learned he had a whole arsenal of recipes that were very simple to prepare and he wasn’t a culinary genius after all. But it worked—it really worked on me and I love to cook myself, so we sort of combined his proven recipes with others that I came up with-- we made sure they were all super impressive, easy to prepare, inexpensive and really quick using the materials even a bachelor would have in his apartment."

Riegel and Miller teamed up with Bob Guiney who happens to be married to Rebecca Budig who plays Greenlee Smythe on All My Children. “Bob is incredibly funny and he represents every guy out there who doesn’t know what he’s doing in the kitchen," Riegel says. "From there, we created a show that makes you laugh while teaching you some really interesting stuff."

Riegel believes that the Internet is the future of entertainment. "I personally love the Internet, she said. "It’s a great way to get in touch with the young, hip viewers who are our target audience and at the same time we’ve got the interactive feature where people can actually tell us their circumstances like what kind of girl they are trying to impress and we can come up with a menu and some quick tips that will wow whomever they are trying to dazzle. We take it on a case-by- case basis and fans of the show can actually be involved and ask for suggestions from us."

In addition to "Cooking to Get Lucky,” Riegel has recently returned to All My Children to reprise her role as Bianca. The busy actress is also the star and executive producer of the hit web series, "Imaginary Bitches" whose first season is set to be released on DVD later this month. “Fans will have that to look forward to and hopefully we will be releasing details of the second season very soon."

All My Children airs weekdays on ABC.

Source: Soap Opera Examiner

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