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January 13, 2009

Casting Corner

Guiding Light

JEFF BRANSON (ex-Jonathan, AMC) cast in the role of Shayne Lewis. Read the interview all about his new role: Jeff Branson Interview

DAVID ANDREW MACDONALD will return as Edmund beginning Thursday, January 22.

GRANT ALEKSANDER is back as Phillip Spaulding. The character hasn’t been seen since 2005 though Phillip has been a common conversation topic for those all over Springfield and fans can expect to see him reappear on Friday, February 6, 2009.

JONATHAN FRIED returns as Dr. Wenkel on Monday, January 12.

DANIELLE SLAVICK plays Ms. Jennings, Emma's school teacher, on Tuesday, January 13, and Friday, January 16.

CLAYTON APGAR plays Hudson, a crooked contractor who is roughed up by Grady on Friday, January 16.

KAHAN JAMES plays Dr. Nealy, Rafe's prison doctor, on Friday, January 16.

EVAN DICKSTEIN plays Derek, a classmate of Emma's, on Tuesday, January 13 and Friday, January 16

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