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January 13, 2009

Dress Lauched

It’s a fashion horror that haunts women everywhere — stepping confidently through the door at a special event only to spy across the room a woman wearing…the exact same thing.

And none are immune. First Lady Laura Bush appeared at the 2006 Kennedy Center Honors in 2006 clad in the same red Oscar de la Renta gown as three other women.

Finally, there is a remedy — Created by Andrew Jones, the Dress Registry site enables women to record a variety of details about the gown they’re planning to wear to events ranging from charity balls to weddings to high school proms. For a look at the site: DRESSREGISTRY.COM

“What a brilliant website!” says famed dress designer Kay Unger, who created the dress worn to the Democratic National Convention by Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Elect Joe Biden. “You never have to worry about being caught in the same dress as someone else ever again.”

Media outlets from The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times to foreign press from France and China have raced to learn more about the newly released site, as have so many others. has logged more than 2.25 million hits from over 60,000 unique visitors in the first nine days of 2009.

“Originality continues to be valued by women everywhere,” said Jones, who lives on the east coast of Florida just north of West Palm Beach. “I’m happy to be able to help women in preserving it, and also greatly appreciative that all I have to do is put on a tux.”

Beyond its practical purposes for balls, charity events and weddings, the Dress Registry also helps exercise a bit of lifestyle voyeurism — giving us a peek at other’s wardrobes.

SOURCE: Business Wire

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