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February 11, 2009

Free All My Children Gift Basket Contest For Atlanta Residents

Win Free All My Children Gift Basket in the Atlanta area is doing some early spring cleaning and we've got a few oldies but goodies to clear out! With a fast click you could have your chance to randomly win a FREE gift basket from All My Children.

Inside the gift basket you'll first find a novel, "Charm" by Kendall Hart. Kendall Hart Slater(played by actress Alicia Minshew)Oh, and not to drop names...but yes, Kendall is Erica Kane's daughter! The novel is about a beautiful, smart woman chasing after her dreams of becoming a successful business owner yet running from her traumatic past filled with shocking setbacks, betrayals and many other surprising ups and downs. Also inside the gift basket, you'll find a 1.7 oz. bottle of "Charm," All My Children's eau de parfum. Treat yourself to the undeniably, magical and intoxicating new fragrance.

The gift basket is FREE and supplies are VERY limited. For your BIG chance to win, simply enter into the random drawing at, by including your name, phone number and email address. You will only be contacted if your name is randomly selected in the drawing. At that time you will receive an email stating that you're a winner along with instructions of when and where to come to the station to pick-up your prize gift basket.

Thank you for your support of Best Wishes! Start clicking....The gift basket is simply "Charming"

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