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February 26, 2009

Trevor St. John To Screen Film

Trevor St. John is taking on a different role than his alter-ego, One Life To Live's Todd Manning. The star of the popular ABC daytime soap stars in the Dan Gauthier (ex-Kevin, One Live To Live) directed film, The Art Of Getting Over It. He will attend a screening of it at the New York Downtown Short Film Festival. It is one of the short films being shown and reviewed. Audience members at this screening are given ballots and asked to "score" each film. Those films that receive the highest scores are screened at the annual festival in April. Check the actor's website for the most current information. TREVOR WEBSITE

New York Downtown Short Film Festival"The Art Of Getting Over It" Screening: 5th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival - Audience Screenings - Friday, March 6th 8pm.
Admission: $10

Duo Multicultural Arts Center
62 East 4th Street
For tickets or more information, click: TICKETS

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