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April 26, 2009

A Look Ahead: Bold & The Beautiful

Hunter Tylo as Taylor Forrester

Spoilers for the upcoming weeks:

Taylor oversteps with Brooke

Steffy learns about the sacrifices Ridge made for her.

Brooke realizes Rick's predictions are coming true

Stephanie unleashes her anger on Eric.

Bill Spencer's gifts from beyond the grave are revealed.

Clarke and Donna are embarrassed by their gift.

The love triangle between Ridge, Brooke and Taylor takes a shocking turn.

Stephanie banishes the Logans from her life.

Jackie promotes Owen but a hidden agenda is behind the move.

Nick shows a hint of jealousy when he finds out Bridget is getting ready for a date.

After Bridget and Owen's date doesn't turn out the way they anticipated, Owen sees a more vulnerable and intimate side of Jackie.

Nick makes a confession to Bridget, ending in a kiss.

Ridge and Taylor pay back Rick for the pain he caused by introducing someone new at Forrester.

However, the move puts Ridge and Brooke's relationship in jeopardy.

Steffy returns Rick's engagement ring and begins to rekindle her friendship with Marcus.

Coming: Bridget and Nick are in a difficult place.

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