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July 02, 2009

Erica Kane To Give Back By Visiting Africa

The long and short of the cliffhanger is that Susan Lucci, Anthony Geary, and Kelly Monaco are representing Feed The Children in Kenya in which we will document their journeys. Each will have their own cameras to document their experiences as well. This will be the first time you'll see these actors in this context. You'll also see what the power of giving back is all about.

The "twist" is that not only Susan Lucci will be going to Kenya-but so will her alter ego ERICA KANE. In my discussions with Julie Carruthers, EP on AMC, she felt this trip was so powerful that she wanted to include Erica Kane as well. Yes, ATI is shooting separately for AMC at their direction. It is a great story potential for Susan's character (not sure how yet, but I can only imagine some epiphany must occur). I was told that ABC is going full throttle forward on this press.

By our working with Feed The Children we have now found a reason for doing the Emmys. Daytime is all about what's current. It's about awareness of issues and hardships, as well as trends and fashions. So let's make it mean something.

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