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July 30, 2009

Fox Reality Show 'House Husbands of Hollywood' Puts Different Spin On The Genre

channel_tileYou've watched and heard about The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and even The Southern Belles of Louisville. Celebrity wives are no stranger to the reality mix. BET's Tiny and Toya, which follows the day to day lifestyles of the significant others of R&B and rap artists, T.I. and Lil Wayne, is the newest hit for the cable channel in recent history.

Fox Reality is following in the footsteps of those shows, but there's a twist. The housewives are househusbands. The Househusbands of Hollywood,  premiering August 15 on Fox Reality follows, some Hollywood househusbands who stay at home and run the household while their wives are bringing home the bacon.

The cast includes:

--Former Los Angeles Dodger Billy Ashley and his celebrity make-up artist wife, Lisa

--Aspiring actor Danny Barclay and his wife, Katherine Barclay, an attorney.

--Convicted bank robber Charlie Mattera, who is married to a prominent psychologist (name withheld).

--Tempestt Bledsoe of "The Cosby Show" and her partner, Darryl M. Bell of "A Different World."

--Former Marine Corps sniper Grant Reynolds and his wife, Jillian Reynolds of Fox 11's "Good Day L.A." and "American Idol Extra."

"Most of reality TV is a train wreck," Billy Ashley said. "People like to see the bad side of what's going on. For our show and the reality we've portrayed, it's natural. Our storyline is basically what we do in life. For most of us here, it's not a train wreck."

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