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July 21, 2009

Shaun Cassidy keeps it 'All in the Family' in new ABC Family Comedy, "Ruby & the Rockits"

[caption id="attachment_1312" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="THE CASSIDYS: (L to R): Ryan, David, Patrick and Shaun of “Ruby & the Rockits.” Photo: Los Angeles Times/Ringo H. W. Chiu"]THE CASSIDYS: (L to R): Ryan, David, Patrick and Shaun of “Ruby & the Rockits.” Photo: [/caption]

The Cassidy Brothers, David, Shaun, Patrick and Ryan are working together on a new ABC Family comedy called Ruby & the Rockits. They are no strangers to mixing family with business before. Shaun and David starred together on Broadway in "Blood Brothers" and David starred with step-mom, Shirley Jones in the television classic The Patridge Family.

Produced by Shaun,  (Invasion, American Gothic), David and Patrick star as estranged brothers who are brought together again by the daughter that one of them didn't know they had.

Rudy & The Rockits is about David and Patrick Gallagher, '80s chart-toppers in the hit group the Rockits, before becoming estranged and leading separate lives;a Patrick having left the business and living a normal suburban life, while David continued on trying to recapture glory and fame again. They are driven to reconnect when David's daughter Ruby,  played by Alexa Vega (Sky Kids),  enters the picture.

The youngest Cassidy, Ryan,  works behind the scenes as the shows lead set dresser. Why work with family again this time around? Shaun wanted to bring some nostalgia back to television.  "He said, 'I wanna do a new "Partridge Family", said Kate Juergens, head of ABC Programming in a recent interview for The Los Angeles Times. To read the full article: CASSIDY BROTHERS

Ruby & the Rockits premieres on Tuesday, July 21 on ABC Family. For more on the show: Ruby & the Rockits

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