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September 21, 2009

A Look Back: Soap Opera Recap

[caption id="attachment_1985" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Roger Howarth as Paul Ryan on As The World Turns (Photo/CBS)"]Roger Howarth as Paul Ryan on As The World Turns (Photo/CBS)[/caption]

Here's what happened on the soaps last week:

All My Children-- Ryan and Erica hosted a dance marathon to support children's hunger in Africa. Adam told Scott he wasn't sure if Kendall shot Stuart. Frankie was reinstated to Pine Valley Hospital. Spike told Liza that his mommy was "inside the wall". Madison drugged Randi.

As The World Turns-- Paul and Emily got married. Lily and Damian made love. Audrey used Ralph to launder James' money. Maeve and Holden couldn't escape.

Bold And Beautiful-- Eric wanted to adopt Marcus. Justin confronted Donna about their past and wondered if Marcus was his son. Bill and Katie grew closer. Jackie shared her sordid past with Owen.

Days Of Our Lives-- Chloe woke up and cleared Daniel's name. Melanie and Nathan were arrested. Kate asked Stefano for help. Rafe tried to prove that Sami was Sydney's mother.

General Hospital-- Liz and Nikolas made love. Jason and Sam's rekindled relationship was exposed. Liz accepted Lucky's marriage proposal. Sonny wanted to get back at Anthony by threatening Johnny. Michael accused Jax of having a part in his shooting.

Guiding Light-- the show ended after 72 years of broadcast.

One Life To Live--Greg told the family that Shaun may never wake up from his coma. Fish came out to his parents about being gay. Ross and Blair kissed. Rex asked Gigi to marry him.

Young and The Restless-- Ashley confessed to hitting Nikki. J.T. found out that Victoria slept with Deacon. Victor was confronted about his connection to Patty. Daniel made a deal with Deacon.

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