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October 25, 2009

A Look Back: Soap Opera Recap Week of October 19, 2009

Here's what happened on your favorite soaps last week:

All My Children-- Kendall and Aidan hid in an abandoned church. JR and Marissa got married. The Hubbards learned of Madison's death. Emma revealed who killed Stuart. David asked Amanda to have another child with him in exchange for shared custody of Trevor. Liza feared Bailey would take Stuart from her.

As The World Turns-- Trapped all alone, Katie was forced to give birth to her son. Liberty miscarried. Brad got in the way of Jack and Ralph's gun fire. Lucinda tried to get Holden and Lily back together.

Bold and the Beautiful-- Bill proposed to Katie. Thorne learned of Stephanie's illness. Jackie and Owen made plans to start a family. Katie was announced as CEO of Forrester at a press conference. Eric cleared out his office.

Days of Our Lives-- Maggie caught Melissa and Nathan. Carly saved Rafe's life. Stefano woke up and demanded that Sydney be brought to him. Sami payed Nicole to leave town with Sydney.  Victor talked Hope into staying in Salem.

General Hospital-- Olivia and Johnny agreed to keep their dating a secret. Michael remembered more about the shooting. Lucky surprised Elizabeth with a surprise engagement party. Elizabeth agreed to marry Lucky. Jason found evidence against Claudia.

One Life to Live-- Blair and Todd kissed. Rex and Gigi started couples therapy. Layla pulled away from Cristian's kiss because she felt that she was betraying Evangeline. Nick asked Klye to marry him, much to Oliver's chagrin. Jessica was haunted by Nash. Rex agreed to help Natalie look for Jared. Tea kept her child hidden from Ross and Todd. Destiny asked David for help with Matthew. Sean woke up from his coma.

Young and the Restless-- Victor gave Ashley the ranch. Jack and Traci turned down Billy's loan request. Billy proceeded to buy Restless Style anyway. Sharon was affected by Faith's crying.

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