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December 23, 2009

Zoe Saldana discusses "Avatar"

It's been a fantastic year for Zoe Saldana. From her starring role in this summer's blockbuster "Star Trek" to her latest film, Jim Cameron's "Avatar", the young actress is adjusting to the life as a movie star. In "Avatar", Saldana plays the very tall blue warrior woman, Neytiri, who tries to protect her Na'vi people from unfriendly humans threatening their peaceful existence.

Saldana talked to about her move into the Sci-Fi action genre and what it's like to work with a directing legend like James Cameron.
"It was the most physically demanding role I've ever done. I trained in everything from riding bareback and martial arts to archery", the actress shared with the site. "I was okay with almost all of it except our trip to Hawaii before filming to experience a tropical environment like Pandora. Jim made us live for three days without technology and a minimum of creature comforts while we went climbing and digging in the dirt. I was almost naked for three days and as muddy as a dead rat. I finally went, 'I can't deal with this' and Jim said, 'Oh, come on, Zoe, suck it up!'"


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