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January 06, 2010

Victoria Rowell and Miguel Nunez support Children Uniting Nations in Los Angeles

Children Uniting Nations [CUN], a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality mentoring relations for at-risk and foster youth, will hold a press conference on January 6th at the Los Angeles City Hall to discuss the importance of National Mentoring Month with support of celebrities and elected officials.

CUN was recently named the lead agency for National Mentoring Month in Los Angeles. National Mentoring Month (NMM) is an annual, concentrated burst of national and local media activity combined with White House, Congressional involvement and extensive community outreach. National Mentoring Month serves as a vehicle for institutionalizing our nation's commitment to long-term mentoring. Attending the event will be former "Young & The Restless" Victoria Rowell and actor Miguel Nunez. For More Information: Children Uniting Nations

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