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February 01, 2010

Lost prints available for purchase on exclusive online site

In preparation for the premiere of the finale season of "Lost", ABC has announced full cast prints available for purchase at the official "Lost: Photo Gallery.

Fans of the series will be able to purchase exclusive photo images to keep as their own personal "Lost" memorabilia from a specially created website. The official "Lost" Photo Gallery,, is the sole home of all of the cast images from every season of "Lost" going back to the series premiere in 2004. Available on the site are more than 25 unique photo selections featuring the cast in different settings, including the various lush Hawaiian backdrops that became the series' signature palette.

The website will be available through the airing of the series final episode in May 2010.

Among the recognizable images are the cast on the beach surrounded by the wreckage of Oceanic Air flight 815 from the first season, numerous depictions of the cast among different Hawaiian landscapes, and this season's most recent photo portraying the cast in a "Last Supper" homage.

The final season of "Lost" premieres Tuesday, February at 9pm on ABC.

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