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April 18, 2010

All My Children says goodbye to Palmer Cortlandt in a tribute to James Mitchell

This week, All My Children, says goodbye to Palmer Cortlandt, as the show writes the character's death this week. Palmer's portrayer, James Mitchell, passed away in January.

It was bitter sweet for the actors taping the special episode in which Daisy and Nina return upon hearing the news, played by Gillian Spencer and Taylor Miller, respectively. The women return and mourn the iconic character with Opal, played by Jill Larson.

"Gillian, Taylor and I felt like that we were making a show that was not just art imitating life; it was almost art as life," Larson tells Soap Opera Digest.

The episode finds Palmer's loved ones gathered together at The Martin house to remember the good times with him, and the bad. In lieu of a memorial, the show used pieces of Mitchell's real life and flashback footage, as well as unseen footage from Palmer's last appearance on the show.

Mitchell was last seen during the show's 40th Anniversary episodes that aired in January.

Pine Valley citizens were naturally greatly affected by Palmer's death, including Adam, Erica and Kendall, who learns the news from Erica while out of town.

"...Kendall has a scene where she's talking about Palmer and they show a flashback," shares Alicia Minshew who plays Kendall. "I was so, so glad to be part of it because Kendall and Palmer had quite a relationship for a few years, and I absolutely loved James. He was like an uncle to me."

The special tribute episode to Palmer airs, Tuesday April 20.
"All My Children" airs weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet.
(pictured: Susan Lucci, Taylor Miller, Julia Barr and David Canary as Erica, Nina Brooke and Adam remembering Palmer Cortlandt on "All My Children." photo: ABC)

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