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January 03, 2011

'Castle': Writer/Producer David Grae talks about writing for the show

On "Castle" crime writer Richard Castle has found his muse in New York police detective Beckett. With his best seller "Nikki Heat" being made into a movie, the show's third season adds a new dimension to the budding relationship between the sexy stars of the show.

Castle and Beckett are played by the wonderful Nathan Fillon and Stana Katic.

The show's writer and supervising producer David Grae talks to Gotham Workshop about what makes the ABC series such a success.

The upcoming episode is entitled, "Naked Heat (Nikki Heat)

"...Castle isn't your typical procedural cop show", Grae shares with the site exclusively. "The banter and character quirks are just as important to us as the murder mystery in every episode."

Grae's biggest challenge is keeping what could be tedious police work interesting for TV.

"...I focus on character," he says. "The police work provides the frame, or structure, for the murder mystery, but the show comes to life when the characters get excited about the case. And, hopefully, that's when the comedy happens."

It still surprises Grae the things he learns when working the police consultants who help keep the show's police scenes real.

"The former detective I work with on Castle always surprises me when he recalls interrogation techniques," Grae admits. "The way detectives get suspects to open up to them is fascinating. A lot of it is about building up trust with the suspect."

To see first hand what makes the show a success, watch "Castle" Mondays on ABC.

David Grae co-founded Gotham Writers' Workshop with Jeff Fligelman in 1993. A published playwright, David has also written for the TV shows Joan of Arcadia, Without a Trace and Gilmore Girls. He is currently a supervising producer and writer on Castle.

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