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April 24, 2012

The Voice: chatting with the Final Four's Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca is one of the final two from Team Adam on the TV show "The Voice." The Top 8 contestants performed this week in the semi finals on Monday night. Lucca performed The Heavy’s “How Do You Like Me Now.” On Tuesday night show, one person from each team will be eliminated and the final four will compete in the show finale next week.

I spoke with Tony in person recently about his participation on the show and working with his coach Adam Levine. Here is what he had to say.

Phyllis: How was it finding out about the instant elimination? Did you know about that ahead of time or was it a surprise for you guys?

Tony: It was a surprise. It’s funny because this show is really sort of unlike so many other reality shows, it’s kind of is a real thing. For the most part, what you see is what you get. That was the first time I felt like I was in a Mark Burnett show. I am just surprised it didn’t happen on camera so they could get a reaction like “Oh God - you have 10 minutes to get to your room."

Phyllis: That would be weird or like the Apprentice where you have go downstairs to get in a cab or go to a confessional thing.

Tony: I was surprised but not surprised. They can do this. And for many reasons it is good thing for them to do. No one wants to go home or any sooner than they have to. But it definitely made a lot of sense I think. That was Adam’s point. It upped the ante on the performances. From what I gather there is some buzz out there on the Internet, there are some fans who weren’t too fond of it.

Phyllis: They thought it was going to be their complete choice. That always happens I think.

Tony: It is was it is. I am grateful. I am cool with it.

Phyllis: Congratulations on making it this far. Everybody seems to have their own unique style already developed. How are you working with Adam to do that? How are you just working it out?

It’s funny, it seems like there has been a trend with everybody these latter stages of the contest where coaches are trying to encourage their singers to get quote unquote “out of their comfort zones”. Truth be told I haven’t been in my comfort zone since the blind audition.

Phyllis: You are hiding it very well then...

Tony: I haven’t sung anything terribly out my capacity. I know a lot of my fans are dying to see something that they know, that their familiar with. Now that we are this far along, Adam is ready to kind of unleash that. So instead of stepping out of my comfort zone I do something and step back in and hopefully make some noise.

Phyllis: He [Adam Levine] is really good performer himself. What do you think you have learned the most from him about performing in front of live audience even though you have had plenty of experience with that?

Tony: I don’t know that what I have learned from him is performance related as much as artist and career related. He said something really brilliant one day. It’s like when Yoda talks. You know what I am telling you but you just need to hear it. He said “Careers and life is a series of choices, a series of moments. You don’t remember days, you remember moments, you don’t remember chapters you remember the moments that warranted a chapter.”

When you look at any given opportunity at any given time, the opportunity that is made available to you, the moment that is yours and yours alone. How to make the absolute most of that moment? You have to make the absolute most of that moment. It’s been fun been digging into that.

Phyllis: What do you want to say to the fans, or family again, that has been keeping you into the competition for so long?

Tony: I have said it couple of times now, but getting voted through is like nothing else. Knowing that you have this wave of support, just pushing you forward. There is nothing like it - really. I have some of the greatest fans and friends and family in the world and they are so supportive and never pass up an opportunity to express how supportive they are. I try not to ever pass up an opportunity to thank them. This is as a big of an opportunity as I have ever had and I think they get that so they haven’t left me hanging yet.

Phyllis: I am really happy for you because this is a great show to go and learn from and just grow as an artist. Congratulations. Thank you for talking to me.

"The Voice" airs Monday May 7th on NBC with the last performance show and then the Season Finale on Tuesday, May 8th on NBC.

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(Originally posted by LA Music Examiner)
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