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June 11, 2012

CBS plans to shut down ABC's 'The Glass House' -- again

The drama surrounding ABC's new reality competition series "The Glass House" is more intense behind the scene than any playing out in front of the camera these days and the show hasn't even started yet. CBS, the network that put on countless seasons of "Big Brother" on the air, is  seeking to shut "The Glass House," which they claim is too similar to their reality staple, "Big Brother" down.

Entertainment Weekly reports that CBS has filed a temporary restraining order to stop ABC from airing the show which is set to debut on June 18th There is already a lawsuit pending on the matter alleging copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation. "The Glass House" pits contestants living together in front of cameras while competing in challenges to win a $250, 000 prize.
ABC is moving ahead with the project as planned thus far with the 14 previously announced contestants moving in on Monday, June 11. Fans can log onto Glass House for a sneak peek of the house and more.
Check back to this site later today for a report on Spotlight-On-Entertainment's visit to "The Glass House" set.

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