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August 26, 2012

Comic Con 2012: Tim Burton talks making 'Frankenweenie'

Tim Burton's latest animated movie,Frankenweenie, tells the story of a boy named Victor who raises his beloved dog Sparky from the dead in a homemade attic laboratory and in doing so unleashes mayhem on his small New Holland town.

The movie is set to premiere at the London Film Fest accompanied by a free "Art of Frankenweenie" exhibition from Oct. 17-21, offering a glimpse into the stop-motion process, including Burton's original sketches, props, sets and puppets from the movie.
"Frankenweenie" takes Burton backs to his stop motion animation roots. What's new to the mix is making the movie in 3D.
"It was a chance to do something new, to do something that I'd never done before," he said when Animation Examiner asked the question at a press conference last month.
"I recall back to when I was doing Batman, and how worried they all were that it was too dark," Burton said. "Now, it looks like a light-hearted romp. It’s Batman on Ice, you know? It’s interesting because it was such a struggle to get that, at the time."It's been twenty years since Burton's Batman hit the screen. How does the director feel about superhero movies today?
Check out the full press conference in the video on this page.
"Frankenweenie" heads to theaters on October 5th.

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