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September 12, 2012

'So You Think You Can Dance': Top 4 finals performance show (recap)

The "So You Think You Can Dance" final performance show had everything from contemporary to ballet as Eliana, Tiffany, Chehon, and Cyrus competed for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer Guy and Girl. This marks the first year that two winners would be crowned. This is something that Nigel has wanted to do for years and now he gets his chance.

On hand to judge were favorites Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Rob Marshall (director of Chicago).

Each did a challenging six numbers, the first time they performed so much in one night. 

Dances are as follows:

  • Cyrus and Eliana- Paso Double (choreographer Jason Gilkyson)- The Game Has Changed (Daft Punk)
  •  Tiffany and Will Wingfield- Contemporary (choreographer Sonya)- The Time Is Now (Moloko) 
  • Chehon and Eliana- Ballet (choreographer Marat Daukayev)- The Nutcracker Suite- Pas De Deux. This dance was one of the highlights of the night. Watch it below:

  • Cyrus and Tiffany- Lyrical Hip Hop (choreographer Tessendra Chavez)- Best Thing I Never Had (Beyonce)
  • Cyrus, Tiffany, Eliana, and Chehon- Group Number (choreographer Tyce Diorio)- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (District 78 Remix) Another dance highlight of the night. Watch it below:

  • Chehon and Allison- Contemporary (choreographer Stacey Tookey)- Leave (from Once: The Musical)
  •  Tiffany and Eliana- Broadway (choreographer Ray Leeper)- When You’re Good To Mama (from Chicago: the Musical) A stripper pole used as a prop. I can't imagine the ballroom girls from Utah pulling that dance off. 

  • Chehon and Cyrus- Jazz (choreographer Sonya)- Fangs (Little Red Lung)
  •  Tiffany and Chehon- Rumba (choreographer Dmitry Chaplin)-Love Me Tender (Adam Levy and Norah Jones)
  •  Cyrus and Twitch- Animation (choreographer Christopher Scott)- Like A Criminal (District 78)  
"So Yo Think You Can Dance" has stepped it up this season for the quality of the dancers, to the dance numbers. 

FOX hasn't been giving the show the most love with the scheduling shifts, even those covering the show every week were getting confused. 

As far as who will win, I honestly thought the final guys would be Chehon and Cole and that Cole would win. But Cyrus is still there and now has the underdog vote, especially since Nigel told him he was voting for Chehon because of his training. Who knows how this will go. Chehon should win for dance ability alone. 

As far the girls go, Eliana for the win but Tiffany is some stiff competition. All will go on to have great dance careers either way. 

 The winners will be named on Tuesday, 18th. Here's hoping that the show gets a 10th season. 
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