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October 01, 2012

TLC's T- Boz to stars in new docu-series

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, of the 90s super group TLC, is set to return to music and her journey will be chronicled in a new docu-series for TLC tentatively called "Totally T-Boz."  

The series will feature Tionne "T - Boz" Watkins as she returns to Los Angeles with the goal of re-booting her music career, this time as a single mother. The singer has triumphed in spite of many challenges including recovery from a life-threatening brain tumor, which forced her to relearn how to walk and talk.  She's relocating from Atlanta  to Hollywood, with the support of her closest family and friends.

"Tionne dominated the charts for years, turning the group TLC into household name, and her personal journey is as fascinating as her professional one," said Amy Winter, GM, TLC. "This series will open the door into T-Boz's struggles and successes, and the people who are there to support her as she works to make her dreams come true all over again."

TLC has ordered four episodes of  the series which is currently filming. The show is set to premiere in  early 2013 premiere.
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