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December 14, 2013

'The X-Factor': Mario Lopez talks hosting live, eliminated contestants

Mario Lopez with Josh Levi
Season 3 of "The X-Factor" is down to the Top 3 finalists as the show has their two night finale next week. The show has a two-hour finale with Carlito Olivera, Alex and Sierra and Jeff Gutt going head-to-head for the title. Host Mario Lopez has the often challenging task of building suspense on elimination night and calming the nerves of the contestants and the judges.How does the host feel about some of the shocking eliminations this season?

"At this point I think every elimination is [shocking], . .." Lopez host told reporters after the show. "I didn't think Ellona Santiago was going to go. I thought she was going to be in the finals and then seeing Rion [Page] and Carlito [Olivera] up there. I thought he killed it, going out there in the audience. It was great and Rion has been so great and an inspiration. I think at this point too what I love about the show is that you don't necessarily have to win to continue to do your thing and be successful. We saw that with Emblem 3 tonight and lil mix so I think the kids should just keep on with the challenge and hold their heads up that they made it to this point."

It's hard for Lopez, with gets close to the contestants, to remain partial. Like everyone else, he has his favorites but won't ever say who they are to not sway the votes. "I get close to them all just because I like them all on a personal level," he said. "Once we got to the top 10 they were all just so talented. Id love to see Ellona [Santiago] or Josh Levi come back but that's just what's at the top of my head.I have favorites but I have to have a poker face. I can see their eyes watching me when I'm about to announce because they want to know who's name I'm going to say so I've really gotta keep a poker face."

Catch “THE X FACTOR” SEASON FINALE, Wednesday, December 18 - Thursday, December 19 on FOX.
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