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April 20, 2014

'General Hospital': spoilers week of April 21st

This week on "General Hospital," AJ's death continues to rock Port Charles. Here's what's coming up this week on the ABC soap.

Monday, April 21

Upset over A.J.'s death, Michael seeks comfort from Sonny

Luke is confronted by Spencer

Sabrina attends Emma's dance recital

Ric questions's Elizabeth's decision to move in with Nikolas

Tuesday, April 22

Franco tries to befriend Carlos

Ned wants to warn Tracy about Luke's threat

Emma is faced with disconcerting baby news.

Wednesday, April 23

AJ's funeral begins

Franco uses Carlos to gather dirt on Ava

Sabrina, Patrick and Emma end up in a frightening position

Thursday, April 24

Nathan and Anna confront the aftermath of a dire situation

Franco tells Carly about Carlos' admission

Ava begs Sonny to control his guilt

Friday, April 25

Morgan is betrayed

Patrick and Sabrina's baby may be in trouble

Franco and Carly come to a decision

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC.
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