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May 05, 2014

'Extant': first look at Halle Berry's new trailer

extant halle berry trailer Extant Trailer: Halle Berry Brings Something Back from SpaceCheck out the new trailer for "Extant," CBS's new summer thriller starring Halle Berry and Goran Visnjic. Produced by Steven Spielberg, "Extant" tells the story of astronaut Molly Watts (Halle Berry, who after spending a year on space, tries to resume a normal life with her family consisting of her husband, John, a gifted scientist, and Ethan, their son, a boy like no the other. He is not their biological son as Molly is infertile. Ethan was designed by his father as the first prototype of a future line of "Humanichs", "human robots". But the return of Molly will have dramatic consequences for the entire planet and the fate of mankind ...

"Extant" premieres on July 9th on CBS.
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