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September 19, 2015

'Red Oaks': new series streaming on Amazon starting October 9

All 10 episodes of Amazon's original comedy series "Red Oaks" will premiere on Amazon Prime, Friday October 9th Ready for a new comedy created by Gregory Jacobs (Magic Mike XXL, The Knick) and Joe Gangemi (Eliza Graves)? 
Well, the new original series from Amazon Studios, Red Oaks, is The Graduate meets Caddyshack mixed up into a coming-of-age dramedy set in suburban New Jersey in 1985. Sundance award-winner David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down) and Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (Behind the Candelabra, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven) are also executive producers for this project. The series main character, Craig Roberts (Submarine) stars as David Meyers who is at a crossroads in his life, confused about school, his girlfriend and his parents confession about their own love life. The series unfolds as David gets unsolicited life advice from a diverse group people including an art student named Skye, played by Alexandra Socha, her corporate raider father Getty, played by Paul Reiser (Mad About You), and tennis-pro Nash, played by Ennis Esmer. All 10 episodes of Amazon’s original comedy series “Red Oaks” will premiere on Amazon Prime, Friday October 9th for Prime members in US, UK, Germany and Austria Red Oaks also stars Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) and Richard Kind (Luck) as David’s parents, Sam and Judy Meyers, Oliver Cooper (Californication) as Wheeler, Gage Golightly as Karen and Josh Meyers as Barry.

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