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March 18, 2016

Monopoly: vintage game celebrates 81st birthday

In celebration of World MONOPOLY Day, March 19, follow the iconic MONOPOLY game pieces to learn more about MR. MONOPOLY!(Graphic: Business Wire)After more than 80 years of top hats, tokens, and passing GO!, the MONOPOLY brand and its iconic MR. MONOPOLY character celebrate World MONOPOLY Day, this Saturday, March 19. Fans around the globe will be given the chance to “own it all” as several iconic brands featured in the latest MONOPOLY EMPIRE game including Universal Parks & Resorts, Ford, Caterpillar, Billboard, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Polaroid, TRANSFORMERS and more gather on social media and through special events to help MONOPOLY “Pass Go” and celebrate its 81st birthday.

Since its debut in 1935, the MONOPOLY brand has captivated more than one billion players in 114 countries around the world, and continues to grow. Fans are now able to experience the MONOPOLY brand like never before with the many ways the brand comes alive whether it’s in digital games, fashion, live events or casino gambling - there is a MONOPOLY experience for every lifestyle. The MONOPOLY game can be played across a variety of formats including the mobile MONOPOLY Classic game from EA and MONOPOLY Bingo game from Storm8, as well as the updated version of MONOPOLY EMPIRE board game which challenges players to move around the board buying and selling the world’s top brands. The MONOPOLY EMPIRE game is available now for ages 8 and up for an approximate retail price of $19.99.

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